Crossline Reach Rope Capture Device

The REACH rope capture device designed by Dr. Mike Croslin has added an additional element ofsafety for flood / swiftwater rescue personnel and whitewater professionals. The REACH system allows rescuers to capture another rescue line without having to make personal contact with that line and/or enter the water.

Examples of where it provides significant benefit are:

To assist in establishing a rope system across a river or channel which is wider than alength of rope in standard throwbag. Situations include tension diagonals, highlines,stabilisation lines and tag line systems.

To change the direction of pull on an existing line (vector pull). Situations includelateral pull of a line to bring a rescuer, casualty or inflatable working platform out ofthe downstream current and into an eddy.

Made in USA from 7075 Aircraft aluminium and stainless steel sprung gates for maximum strength and lightweight assembly (318g).