SOL Fire Lite 550 Reflective Tinder Cord - 50ft

The Fire Lite Tinder Cord 550 Grade, 50 feet,  makes the perfect multi-purpose paracord that doubles as an easy-to-use fire starter.

This cord is strong and the diameter is small enough to easily tie your gear to packs or racks and durable enough to take on any adventure. The nylon outer sheath provides a rugged protective layer for the ignitable waxed cotton inner core. 

The reflective bands allow you to easily be seen, as well as adds extra precaution when adventuring outdoors. Whether you pack it in your emergency kit, make it a key staple in your camping accessories, or just wrap it around your water bottle, the Fire Lite Tinder Cord is a multi-purpose life-saving tool.


  • Tinder Core - Peel back the nylon outer sheath to ignite the waxed cotton core.
  • 550 Grade, 50 feet - Easy handling and great for tying down gear or a tent.
  • 7 Inner Strands - Tease out inner strands to use for gear repair, fishing line and more.
  • High Visibility - Bright, reflective orange helps when looking for gear and during a rescue.
  • Multi-use tinder cord can function as a lanyard, spare rope or fire starter tinder for campfires
  • Great addition to camping accessories, hiking gear, survival gear, emergency supplies, and more.