SOL Pocket Chain Saw

Tackle kindling and tinder with the SOL Pocket Chain Saw.

Grab onto the easy-grip handles and wrap the teeth around a log or branch to prepare a bonfire. Within a few strokes you will be packing this chain saw up and enjoying a warm night under the stars. 

The 26-inch chain and 11 cutting-teeth are made with durable 65 carbon steel. When the job is done, store the chain saw in the ruggedly durable pouch on your belt or in your pack. 

Lightweight and easily packable, the SOL Pocket Chain Saw is the perfect tool to have in your pack or pocket.


  • Compact Manual Chain Saw:  A 26-inch chain and 11 cutting-teeth that can easily pack down into your pack pocket. 
  • Durable Construction:  Reliable 65 carbon steel construction. 
  • Easy-Grip Handles : Reinforced webbing handles for lightweight comfort.  
  • Lightweight: Chain saw weighs just 148g. 
  • Rugged Pouch:  Store the chain saw in the pouch and wear on a belt or keep in your pack.