SOL Venture 3000 Rechargeable LED Camping Light with Power Bank

Be prepared for the unexpected with the SOL Rechargeable Venture™ Light 3000 with Power Bank. Use this lantern-power bank combo at home or out on the trail. 

Three lighting modes with a max 220 lumens will light up your workspace, tent, or campground. Signal for help with the SOS Flash mode which can run for 24 hours. 

Never be without a way to recharge with the integrated USB cord. Charge your phone or other electronics with the micro-USB port, powered by the 3000mAh Power Bank. 

Hang the lantern wherever you want by the wire bail hooks or magnets. Whether you’re working at home or relaxing at a campsite, the SOL Rechargeable Venture™ Light 3000 with Power Bank will light up the night and power your life. 


  • Lantern-Power Bank Combo- A rechargeable lantern and power bank in one.  
  • Rechargeable Battery – Plug in the integrated USB cord to recharge the battery. 
  • Convenient Power Bank – Capable of charging multiple devices on a fully charged battery. 
  • Multiple Lighting Modes – Pick the perfect mode for any situation with High, Medium, and SOS Flash.  
  • Hang Anywhere – With wire bail hooks and magnets, hang on branches, rope, cars, tent poles, or anywhere you need some extra light. 
  • Recharge Time - Lantern & power bank recharge in 5 hours