RapidPure Purifier + Multi-Use System - NEW

The RapidPure® Purifier + Multi-Use System is purification YOUR way. The POD housing slides over the POD purification cartridge and locks into place to create a 4-way multifunctional system. Attach to any standard 28mm bottle or use with the included soft bottle for filtered and purified water as you drink. Connect the included emergency straw for a pocket-sized, ultralight purifier. Hang the soft bottle from a tree to create your own gravity system or connect the system to your hydration pack for inline purification.

We’ve simplified water purification with our new POD system and UltraCeram® technology. Unlike microfilters that rely on small pore size to filter out bacteria and sediment, RapidPure® purifiers combine OpenPore technology for fast flow rates with adsorption (natural magnetic attraction) to remove viruses, bacteria, parasites, sediment and more.

The POD purification system has an extended lifespan – up to 300 litres – and continues to work after being frozen for peace of mind if the temperatures suddenly drop. A device that truly adapts to your adventures, the RapidPure® Purifier + Multi-Use System can be a water bottle, straw, gravity system, or hydration pack purifier.


4-Way Multifunctional Purifier
Connect to any 28mm bottle or use with included soft bottle, use with the included emergency straw, create your own gravity system, or connect to your hydration pack.

Innovative POD Platform
POD housing slides over the POD purification cartridge and locks into place to create a multifunctional system.

Virus Protection
Treats water for viruses, bacteria, parasites and more with UltraCeram® technology.

Faster Flow Rates
OpenPore technology uses adsorption (natural magnetic attraction) combined with larger pore sizes for easy drinking.

Use Anywhere
Purifier can be used after being frozen. New POD system has extended cartridge lifespan to 300 litres.

Great Tasting Water
Activated carbons instantly remove odors and improve taste.