RapidPure Universal Purifier

The RapidPure® Universal Purifier water bottle adapter turns your favourite wide mouth water bottle into an advanced water filter and purifier to provide you with safe, great-tasting water.

This water bottle purifier adapter works with Nalgene®, CamelBack®, Hydro Flask®, and Klean Kanteen® wide mouth bottles and features RapidPure's innovative technology.

Unlike microfilters that rely on pore size to simply filter out bacteria and sediment, RapidPure water treatment actually purifies water using electroadsorption, removing bacteria, parasites, viruses, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics, as well as filtering out sediment.

With no pumping, priming, or squeezing required, this fast water filter is the best water purifier for personal use.

RapidPure continues to work even after it has been frozen, giving you peace of mind if the temperature suddenly drops. With RapidPure water purifiers, quenching your thirst is safer, faster, easier, and better tasting.

  • Easy-to-Use Adapter
    Twist this water bottle filter adapter onto your wide mouth Nalgene®, CamelBack®, Hydro Flask® or Klean Kanteen® for easy water purification without any waiting, back flushing, or special handling.

  • Fast Flow Rate
    Quench your thirst without the wait. RapidPure has an ultra-fast flow rate that purifies as it filters.

  • Safe Water Anywhere
    Drink water confidently wherever you go. The Universal Purifier water bottle adapter removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics.

  • Great Tasting Water
    Taste water how it was meant to be. RapidPure features activated carbons that instantly remove odours and improve taste, for a water purifier you'll enjoy using.

  • Long-Lasting
    Refill your water bottle again and again. This reusable water filter exceeds EPA standards for purifying 25 gallons of water (that's 160 refills of a 590ml water bottle).

  • UltraCeram Technology
    Pack the latest innovation as your hiking water filter. RapidPure uses electroadsorption to reduce pathogens 100 times smaller than pathogens caught by 0.2 micron hollow fiber filters.

  • Technology: UltraCeram Technology Purification 99.9999% / 6-log*
  • Effect:  Virus Reduction 99.9999%
                 Cyst Reduction 99.9975%
                 Bacteria Reduction 99.9999%
    Viruses Rotovirus, Norovirus, Hepatitis A
    Bacteria E. coli, Salmonella, Dysentery
    Protozoa Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Amoebae
    Particulates Sediment, Silt, Sand
    Chemicals Chlorine, Benzene, Chloroform
    Heavy Metals Lead, Arsenic, Chromium

  • Output: 1.2 litres per minute.

  • End of Life Testing Data: 200 gallons bacteria, cyst, protozoa, giardia and 25 gallons virus.

  • Use w/ Water Bottle: YES

  • Carbon Infused: YES. Providing great tasting water.

  • Silver Infused: YES. Kills trapped contaminants and prevents bacterial growth.

  • Third Party Tested: YES. Certified to exceed US EPA water purification standards.

  • Environmental Impact: Excellent. Replace filter element only.

  • Freeze Resistant: YES. 3rd party certified as water purifier after initial freeze/thaw cycle and as water filter after multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

  • Ease of Use: Simple and easy. No priming, pumping, batteries, chemicals or special maintenance.

  • Replacement Cartridge: YES (sold separately)

  • BPA Free: YES

  • Weight: 130.4g

* Tap water is standardly utilized to rate the capacity of water filters/purifiers and can provide a misleading indication of actual usable filter life in the field. Real world conditions vary greatly. Our testing has found that when using the same source of water supply, RapidPure will ow faster, capture more contaminants, and will often last as long or longer than the competition.

** BCS Laboratories is RapidPure’s 3rd party independent test lab: FL DOH Lab ID: E82924, EPA ID: FL01147. File: RapidPure 2.5 Filters Microbial Removal Efficacy Study Report: BCS1401004.