RapidPure 9L Gravity System - NEW

Great for groups and camping, the RapidPure® Purifier + 9L Gravity System gives you the power to filter and purify water a large volume of water quickly and easily. We’ve simplified water purification with our new POD system and UltraCeram® purification technology.

RapidPure® purifiers combine OpenPore technology for fast flow rates with adsorption (natural magnetic attraction) to remove viruses, bacteria, parasites, sediment and more. The updated POD purification design has an extended lifespan – to over 900 Litres – and continues to work after being frozen for peace of mind if the temperatures suddenly drop.

Simply fill the 9L gravity system for purified water without batteries, pumping, priming or special maintenance. The ideal camping water treatment system, this gravity water purifier includes a 9L bag, hose, and 6.5” purifier cartridge.


Easy-to-Use Purifier for Groups 
Quickly provide purified water for groups or while camping, without the need for batteries or special handling – all it needs is gravity!

Virus Protection 
New POD platform treats water for viruses, bacteria, parasites and more with UltraCeram® technology.

Faster Flow Rates 
OpenPore technology uses adsorption (natural magnetic attraction) combined with larger pore sizes for a fast flow rate.

Use Anywhere 
Purifier can be used after being frozen. New POD system has extended cartridge lifespan to over 900 litres.

Great Tasting Water Activated carbons instantly remove odors and improve taste.