RapidPure Purifier + Bottle - NEW

Perfect for weekend hikes, global adventures, or everyday use, the RapidPure® Purifier + Bottle gives you the power to filter and purify water as you drink with no pressing, squeezing, priming, or backflushing required.

We’ve simplified water purification with our new POD system and UltraCeram® purification technology. The POD purification system has an extended lifespan – up to 300 Litres – and continues to work after being frozen for peace of mind if the temperatures suddenly drop.

Unlike microfilters that rely on small pore size to filter out bacteria and sediment, RapidPure® purifiers combine OpenPore technology for fast flow rates with adsorption (natural magnetic attraction) to remove viruses, bacteria, parasites, sediment and more. Simply fill and drink from the 1L proprietary Triton bottle for purified water without any special handling needed.


Easy to Use   
Simply fill and drink for purified water – no waiting, pressing, squeezing, priming, or backflushing required.

Virus Protection   
New POD platform treats water for viruses, bacteria, parasites and more with UltraCeram® technology.

Faster Flow Rates   
OpenPore technology uses adsorption (natural magnetic attraction) combined with larger pore sizes for easy drinking.

Use Anywhere 
Purifier can be used after being frozen. New POD system has extended cartridge lifespan to 300 litres.

Modern Bottle Design 
New proprietary Triton bottle with modern lid and bold graphics for a fresh look.

Great Tasting Water 
Activated carbons instantly remove odors and improve taste.